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NWMI’s statements on SH@W

NWMI’s statements on SH@W

The NWMI has recognised sexual harassment at the workplace as a serious problem since its inception.  The Bangalore network conducted the first survey of SH@W in Indian media back in 2001, even before the network was launched at the national level in January 2002.  The NWMI’s first statement on a case of sexual harassment in a media workplace dates back to 2003. The links below lead to NWMI’s past statements on instances of sexual harassment at the workplace that came to the network’s attention, as well as the gang rape of a journalist on a work assignment:

First NWMI statement on SH@W (case in Assam):

NWMI urges action by media houses on sexual harassment at the workplace

NWMI statements on the Rina Mukherjee case

Rina Mukherji’s case against sexual harassment at The Statesman, 2003-2013

NWMI statement on the Shakti Mills case:

NWMI condemns gang rape of woman journalist in Mumbai and demands safety for women media professionals

Statements on the MJ Akbar case

MJ Akbar must step down and submit to investigation of sexual harassment charges

NWMI Hails Landmark Judgement in Priya Ramani case: Fight against Sexual Harassment and Criminal Defamation Continues

Statements related to the Tarun Tejpal case:

The Tejpal Acquittal: NWMI’s Critique of the Judgement

The NWMI Stands in Solidarity with the Survivor in Tarun Tejpal Case

The “Tarun Tejpal Tapes” affair: NWMI responds to Seema Mustafa and Manu Joseph

NWMI protests against unethical and illegal media coverage of Tehelka case

NWMI demands institutional redress of sexual harassment and assault

Statement on the Sun TV case:

Eclipsing Women’s Rights: Sexual Harassment at Sun TV

NWMI statements on sexual harassment at Sun TV

Statements on the Goa case:

NWMI to PIB: Withhold accreditation of Rupesh Samant

NWMI requests PTI to prevent alleged sexual harasser from representing it

Click here for the complete list of  statements against sexual harassment at work.


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