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NWMI Member Elected to Kerala Journalists’ Union

NWMI Member Elected to Kerala Journalists’ Union

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NWMI member Jisha Elizabeth

In recent months, women in journalists’ unions in India are breaking barriers and claiming their rightful place in decision-making bodies of unions and association. Several NWMI members successfully contested elections to the Kerala Union of Working Journalists. See more here:

According to The News Minute, “…The victory of Jisha Elizabeth is more noticeable as she contested independently without any panel’s support.
“My campaign was fairer, I didn’t try to ridicule the opponents. I believe people voted for me based on the stands I took. There are a group of people who believe that I can raise my voice for justice,” she said.
Jisha added that she will, among other work for the union, look into the issue of certain media houses not giving provident fund benefits to its employees…”

Listen to Jisha Elizabeth, elected member of the Kerala Union of Working Journalists, who is also a member of the NWMI:

For more on the Women Lead campaign, go to:

March 20, 2018

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