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NWMI Members at the Mumbai Press Club’s RedInk Awards

NWMI Members at the Mumbai Press Club’s RedInk Awards

By Editors

Congratulations to all the NWMI members who won the RedInk Awards for Excellence in Journalism, held by the Mumbai Press Club in December 2021. In case you missed any of these prize-winning stories, take a look at their superb ledes.

Varsha Torgalkar, Business & Economy (Print)

Varsha Torgalkar won the RedInk Awards 2021 in the category Business & Economy (Print). Her story in Stories Asia, The Child Labour Behind The Jeans You Wear begins “Children under the age of 18 years are banned from working in hazardous occupations. But one wonders if the garment tycoon Raymond-UCO knows that the fields its cotton comes from employ child labour.”

Makepeace Sitlhou, Lifestyle and Entertainment (Print)

Makepeace Sitlhou, who wrote for CNN, won in the Lifestyle and Entertainment (print) category. Her story, The only form of gambling allowed in this Indian state is based on dreaming begins, “A retired employee of the Indian Air Force, Tej Gurung now spends his days at the archery shooting ground in the city of Shillong, in northeast India. The 80-year-old grandfather goes there to play teer, the only legal form of gambling in Meghalaya state. But this isn’t like betting on a normal sport. Wagers in teer are based on the world of dreams.”

Bhavya Dore, Science and Innovation (Print)

Bhavya Dore won the award in the Science and Innovation (Print) category. Collision, her story in Fifty Two is about how 24 years ago, two burning planes fell into the mustard fields of a Haryana village and changed the way we fly forever. It begins, “International air operations draw professionals across countries, ethnicities and linguistic groups. For the most part, the radiotelephony, their technical chatter, is unremarkable. After all, when air traffic control tells you to steer your plane to 17,000 feet, you simply follow those instructions, right? No one notices it because it works.”


Also, shortlisted for the RedInk awards for their excellent stories were:

Kimi Colney for Non-Naga communities fear the secrecy surrounding the government’s peace talks with the NSCN in the Politics (Print) category

Srishti Jaswal for A Death By Hunger in the Human Rights (Print) category

Rina Mukherji for Climate Change Science in the Science and Innovation (Print) category

Pawanjot Kaur for her video story How Annual Flooding, Petty Corruption Threatens the Lives of People From This Village in North Bihar  in the Politics (Television) category

Sushmita for her story How Jharkhand’s Mandal dam could destroy the environment, livelihoods, and 3.4 lakh trees in the Environment (Print) category

Tora Agarwala for her story Will They Take Me Away? in the Human Rights (Print) category








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