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NWMI turns 20!

NWMI turns 20!

By Editors

NWMI turns 20!

The Network of Women in Media, India, was collectively conceptualised, unanimously endorsed and formally launched on the lawns of the IIC, New Delhi, on a cold and misty January 30 in 2002.

We started off as a group of 100 women journalists – today we have more than 600 members. We pride ourselves in being a group that takes strong public positions about journalists’ rights and media ethics, while standing alongside women in media in various struggles for justice – both individual and collective. 


The network strives to fulfil a wide variety of concerns, needs and interests – both personal and professional – as it evolves into an organisation that serves the interests of its members, at one level, and promotes ethics, responsibility and social consciousness within the media, at another.

Solidarity, Support, Sisterhood and all things sweet.

On this anniversary, listen to some of our members talk about why they ❤️ NWMI.



Genesis & Evolution

Milestones in NWMI’s journey

Founding members on how NWMI came into being


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