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What are women voters made of?!

What are women voters made of?!

By Ammu Joseph

Believe it or not, the Election Commission of Goa seems to think pink polling booths and pink teddy bears are the way to female voters’ hearts! 

“Manned” exclusively by women officers dressed in pink, they will also be decorated in pink and have pink teddy bears for distribution to first-time female voters, who are also requested to wear pink while exercising their franchise.  This will, apparently, be a celebration of woman power and women’s empowerment: 

Goa: Teddy bear awaits first-time women voters at polling booths

According to the Election Commission, there will be 40 pink polling stations where about 1,000 pink teddy bears will be distributed to first-time women voters on the election day.

And this is evidently not a joke since several news reports confirm the plan:

What’s more, Punjab is also likely to go pink to woo female voters!

Move over gender stereotyping.  Here’s to infantilising women.  Or maybe we should just be tickled pink?!

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