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Five women candidates hope to change Nagaland elections

Five women candidates hope to change Nagaland elections

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The people of Nagaland will cast their votes on February 27, 2018, for the 13th Nagaland Legislative Assembly. Formed in 1963 through a political agreement, Nagaland State has not had a single woman member of legislative assembly to date. Even in local governance bodies, women are rarely seen in decision making positions. But the past decades have seen a spike in women’s education in Nagaland (both at the primary level as well as in higher education), facilitating them to take part in the market as well as the state bureaucracy in rising numbers. More women are taking part in policy making at the state level.

This year, five women will contest an election that works heavily in the favour of men who own most of the wealth, knowledge and skills around policy making as well as of the system that works in their favour.

Here is a piece from The Morung Express that explains this further:

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