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Rina’s complaint letter to the Bengal Network

Rina’s complaint letter to the Bengal Network

Ananya Chatterjee,
Bengal Journalists Network,
February 9, 03

Dear Ananya,
As you know, I had been working with The Statesman, Kolkata, since June, 2002. About 10 days into my new job, I found that the news coordinator, Ishan Joshi would always look around for some opportunity to physically touch me. (The official reporting channel was via the chief reporter, who was my immediate boss, to the news coordinator, who oversaw the reporting and editing sections of the news paper).

Very soon, the harassment took the form of physical abuse and molestation every time I was in his room. When I refused to go along and respond to his advances, the harassment moved to the professional front. My appraisals went from positive to negative, and in September, I was called upon by the news coordinator to resign. On my refusing to do so, my services were finally terminated on October 12, 2002.

Taking up the matter with the managing director and editor, RavindraKumar, did not help either. The entire experience has left me extremely disturbed and traumatized, more so since I have felt helpless against the forces that have been unleashed on me. Besides, in the absence of a Sexual Harassment Complaints Committee within the organization, I found myself at a double disadvantage.

Do you think the Bengal Network could look into the matter?

Yours truly,
Rina Mukherji

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