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NWMI objects to insensitive reporting of rape by India Today

NWMI objects to insensitive reporting of rape by India Today

Victim blaming

NWMI wrote to India Today questioning the sensationalist headline and content of a recent newsreport on the rape of a girl aboard the Howrah-Amritsar express.

The text of ​NWMI’s letter sent to the editor, India Today is below:

The Network of Women in Media, India (NWMI) takes strong objection to the way your article dated 30.12.2015 reported the rape of a 14-year old girl aboard the Amritsar Howrah express and the corresponding headline, “Howrah Amritsar Express Rape Case: girl was on way to meet FB lover”.

  1. How does the girl being lovestruck connect with the rape at all?
  2. How does it matter where she met her boyfriend – on Facebook or elsewhere or even that she had one? Are we talking of the love lives of the perpetrators anywhere that we need to mention that of the victim? This information therefore appears as extraneous, unnecessary and there to pass tacit judgement on the minor in question.
  3. What kind of photograph is required for a piece like this and where is this from? The photograph is yet another attempt to sensationalize the rape. ​

Framing a piece like this on an incident of rape adds to the violence the girl has suffered. The least the press can do is be sensitive to the victim.


Members, NWMI

January 1, 2016

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