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Misogyny cannot pass off as humour

Misogyny cannot pass off as humour

By Neha Dixit

When a reporter asked SP leader and UP CM Akhilesh Yadav and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, in a joint press conference addressed by the two, the reason for not including BSP supremo Mayawati in their alliance against BJP in the upcoming UP Assembly elections, Yadav replied ‘Jagah kaise dete unhe, kitni jagah leti hain woh. Unka to chunav chinh hi haathi hai’ (How could we have given her space, she takes a lot of space. Even her election symbol is an elephant).

While the press conference resonated with multiple laughters, the young leader gave little thought to fat shaming a woman politician. Fat shaming in politics, like in life, is exclusively reserved for women politicians. And we thought this was 2017!



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