Study from Andhra Pradesh on usage of IPC Sec 498A 2011

The important findings from the research done in 2011 are:

1.The system of law protecting women against violence fails to deliver service as one unit. The system which is supposed to work as a system functions in a haphazard disjoint manner.

2.A serious lack of awareness among the women about the existing remedies if still prevalent. This is evident from the drastic difference observed between the number of people opting for remedy under 498A and under DV Act.

3.Success rate of a petition under the section 498A is starkly low and this happens due to two reasons, firstly absence of evidence and secondly lack of professional help or deficiency in the quality provided.

4.While there are possibilities of misuse, such possibilities are low, while there is also a possibility and in most cases which are dismissed there have been instances of violence according to the police which do not have sufficient evidence to be adduced. The view was confirmed by many lawyers.

5.There have been enough safeguards provided in law to control the abuse of law beyond which a safeguard would eclipse the efficacy of the provisions.