#MeToo: NWMI's statements, testimonies, reports and resources on sexual harassment in the workplace

The NWMI has recognised sexual harassment at the workplace as a serious problem since its inception.  The Bangalore network conducted the first survey of SHW in Indian media back in 2001, even before the network was launched at the national level in January 2002.  The NWMI's first statement on a case of sexual harassment in a media workplace dates back to 2003. NWMI's statements on instances of sexual harassment at the workplace that came to the network's attention, as well as the gang rape of a journalist on a work assignment, are given here, along with personal testimonies by NWMI members, and reports of NWMI state network meetings on #MeToo

First NWMI statement on SHW (case in Assam):

NWMI statement on the Shakti Mills case:

NWMI submission to the Press Council after the Shakti Mills case:

Statements related to the Tarun Tejpal case:

Statement on the Sun TV case:

Statements on the Goa case:

Statements on #MeToo in the Indian Media, 2018:

Personal testimonies:

Workshop reports:

Other resources