Karnataka's transgender persons trash TV9’s sting operation, demand sensitivity

The Karnataka Transgender Samiti (KTS) organized a press meet on 5th October 2016, in Bangalore, to refute the myths and allegations shown in TV9's “Operation Anandi” programme and highlight the realities of the transgender community in Karnataka. KTS' press release said, "The TV9 Kannada news channel telecast a programme titled “Operation Anandi” from 10 AM – 4 PM on Sunday, 25th 2016, that portrayed the transgender community in Karnataka in a false and derogatory manner. This has affected the transgender community across Karnataka very adversely and we are facing increased violence from the police and are being ostracized further by our neighbours and the general public. Consequent to the telecasting of the programme, many of our families who had accepted us with our transgender identity are harassing us, while landowners are forcing us to vacate our offices and homes." The video and transcript of the meet and KTS's demands to the governments of India and Karnataka are at:

Press Release: Karnataka Transgender Samiti exposes falsehood of TV9’s “Operation Anandi” -