Identifying survivors of sexual assault: who decides?

Media coverage of the gangrape of a Mumbai journalist has been criticised as being intrusive beyond the call of duty, with the pursuit and publication of details that are clearly not in the public interest. Following Kalpana Sharma’s analysis of TOI’s foot-in-the-mouth coverage’ and Geeta Seshu’s comment ‘Can we stop feeding the beast?’, Bachi Karkaria in ' Don't make her lose face defendedTOI's reporting as ‘efforts not to thrust victimhood’ on the survivor and attacked ‘card carrying feminists’ for criticising the newspaper. Laxmi Murthy in Rape victim's identity disclosure for whom?' pointed out that it is the woman concerned, not the media, who has the right to decide whether, when, how and to whom to reveal her identity. Bachi Karkaria responded, 'But I'm on the same page as you, Laxmi,' apparently viewing the exchange as a "territorial conflict" and a "cat-fight."

For laws and guidelines for reporting on rape, see this compilation by The Hoot

August 2013