International Women's Day, 2014: violence against media women continues

The International News Safety Institute and the International Women's Media Foundation launched a joint report on violence and harassment against women in the news media. The report was published on International Women’s Day, 2014.

Violence and harassment against women in the news media: a global picture Violence and harassment against women in the news media: a global picture reveals the findings of a global survey conducted among nearly 1,000 female journalists. It provides the first comprehensive picture of the dangers faced by many women working in news media around the world.

Core findings of the report include:
Nearly two-thirds of survey respondents said they had experienced some form of intimidation, threats, or abuse in relation to their work, ranging in severity from name-calling to death threats.

The majority of threats, intimidation, and abuse directed toward respondents occurred in the work place, and was perpetrated most often by male bosses, supervisors, and co-workers.

Most incidents of harassment and violence were never reported, even though a majority of women who experienced them said they were psychologically affected.

The survey also gathered data regarding sexual violence, physical violence, sexual harassment, and digital security threats experienced by women journalists as well as what measures have been taken for prevention, protection, and preparedness within news organisations.

March 8, 2014