7th IAWRT Asian Women's Film Festival: March 5-8, 2011

The Seventh IAWRT Asian Women's Film Festival

The Seventh Asian Women’s Film festival organised by the International Association of Women in Radio and Television (IAWRT) welcomed audiences to 42 short films, including 30 South Asian premieres and 6 World premieres. The theme of the festival was WAYS OF SEEING:RHETORIC AND REALITY, an attempt to examine how women (as filmmakers and /or as protagonists) go beyond manifestation to question and express in a range of genres representing diversity in country, content and form.  Read the detailed report of the festival here.

The India chapter of the IAWRT is set up as a non-profit trust with Jai Chandiram as its Managing Trustee. It has a network of members across the country from Chennai to Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune. They comprise film makers, media academics, TV producers, researchers, journalists, radio practitioners and more. The chapter is involved in various activities including an annual IAWRT Asian Women's Film Festival; training programmes on gender and the media; and biennial conferences.