Neither age nor ailment could stop her enthusiasm

Leela MenonLeela Menon joined journalism late, at the age of 46. But once she started, she devoted herself completely to her work, unfazed by illness and other challenges.  Prema Manmadhan writes in the New Indian Express on her memories of an extraordinary journalist from Kerala. 

"Nilaykkatha Symphony. This is the title of Leela Menon's biography. An apt title for the feisty woman who loved life to the hilt and inspired nyone who met her even once. Such was the ebullilence she infused into all and her never-say-die attitude saw her gliding through life, pushing aside any obstacle, be it a physical malady, an emotional setback or plain bad luck...

Leela Menon: a fiesty woman who loved life to the hilt. New Indian Express, June 4, 2018