Myself Ambika Raja

Ambika RajaNWMI's 2018 Fellow Ambika Raja was in college when she was in an accident which left her with paraplegia.  That didn't stop her from studying journalism and becoming a reporter in Kerala where she works with the New Indian Express. She speaks on her plans for the future. This video was broadcast on Mathrubhumi on October 22, 2018. A summary translation: 

“Hi, I’m Ambika Raja from Kerala. I’m a reporter with The New Indian Express and I love my job. It’s however a challenge to do reporting because most venues where I have to go to cover events are not accessible for wheelchair users. In fact, accessibility across Kerala is an issue for persons with disability, though people are helpful too. When I was studying in second year of college, I had an accident, as a result of which I now have paraplegia which has no cure. I underwent two months of intense rehabilitation at Christian Medical College, Vellore. I’m very happy to have been selected for  the NWMI Fellowship for women journalists. I wanted to get rid of the inhibitions I had as a result of my disability and wanted to be a kind of inspiration to people so that they don’t hold back. I also did higher studies in journalism after my accident. I want to travel and become a famous journalist.”

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