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Shubha Khandekar

Shubha K

Shubha Khandekar worked for several years on the news desk at The Economic Times, Mumbai, and before that, with the Free Press Journal, Mumbai where she also wrote a daily column `State Diary’ under the pen-name Pulakeshi, covering the state of Maharashtra. She was Associate Editor for Dignity Dialogue and has written and edited historical scripts for Amar Chitra Katha. Shubha is bilingual, writing in English and Marathi and translating either way, and a freelance editor with long experience. She is currently working on a historical novel.

Her entry for India Today Travel Plus and Chillifreeze Travel Writing Contest was published in the e-book India’s Top 42 Weekend Getaways http://chillibreeze.in/shop/cbw-india%E2%80%99s-top-42-weekend-getaways-a-quick-escape-from-the-daily-grind/

She was interviewed by Chillibreeze, an India-centric content creation company http://www.chillifreeze.com/resources_for_writers/writer_interviews/writer_of_the_month_-shubha_khandekar.aspx

With an avid interest in the history and archaeology of India, she has created, under the brand name ArchaeoGiri, a series of educational cartoons based on themes from Indian history and archaeology. https://www.facebook.com/ArchaeoGiri


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