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Anjuman Ara Begum

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Anjuman Ara Begum, LLM, PhD, is a freelance journalist, blogger and human rights activist from North East India. Her main work area is research, documentation and intervention in issues of human rights and gender-based violence in armed conflict situations in North East India. Anjuman is part of the right to information and movement in India and works for popularising this as a tool for accountability. She volunteers with several networks and is a member of Mahanirban Calcutta Research Group and Women in Governance Network, India (WinG) amongst others. She is currently based in Kathmandu, Nepal, and works for FORUM-ASIA as South Asia Programme Officer. Her primary work is to support advocacy initiatives towards the establishment of a South Asia Human Rights Mechanism.

She can be contacted at anju.azad@gmail.com .

She tweets at @Anjuman396, and blogs at www.womennes.blogspot.com

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