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AIDS and prejudice

A meeting with UK-based AIDS activist Amanda Stone

Prejudice against AIDS victims is not just a third world phenomenon. Amanda Stone, a consultant and AIDS activist from UK, told members of Bengal Net about how such prejudice was common in her own country. To fight against it, some of them decided to set up a group called Positive Lives.

Ms Stone had come to India to liaise with NGOS and government agencies working in the field of AIDS relief, and to chart out a course of action against public prejudice through the visual media. She met with Bengal Net on July 12 at Taj Bengal.

To illustrate how the visual media can be used, 
Ms Stone told us how Drik India, with its parent body, Drik International, plans to use photographs around the theme of AIDS and organise a series of exhibitions that will be taken to different parts of India. Each photograph used will be accompanied by text recounting tales of courage to fight the odds imposed by this disease. The idea is to have people realise that AIDS victims are no pariahs to be ostracised. They need love, care and the human touch.

Rina Mukherji


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